Sexual Wellness


Sexuality is an essential part of a well-balanced life. As we age, a whole host of sexual issues can stress and strain relationships. This is true for both men and woman and can occur in even the strongest partnerships. Millions of people suffer from both a lack of confidence and a lack of awareness when it comes to sex-related concerns. I approach the treatment of sexual health the same way that I treat all of my patients’ concerns—from the approach of Functional Medicine. I first assess the root cause and then tailor a treatment to your individual needs.

Many factors contribute to your overall sexual health, from work-related stress to injury and illness, exercise or lack of exercise, and any number of emotional and physiological co-factors. Women are more likely to first experience sexual dysfunction earlier in life, most frequently due to post-pregnancy body changes. However, 40% of men in their forties and fifties encounter some degree of decline in performance and stamina. The good news is that technology has recently been developed to assist in improvement, if not resolution of, most intimacy issues for women and for men of all ages and stages of life.

I want patients to know that you no longer need to suffer in silence as these symptoms chip away at your desire for intimacy. You no longer have to be ashamed to admit you are struggling sexually or fear for the potential failure of your relationship. Furthermore, no matter your age or gender, I want you to know that you can enjoy a healthy and active sex life again, or for the first time.

Optimizing Your Hormones for Sexual Wellness

As we grow older, both women and men experience a drop in vital sex hormones, which is usually accompanied by a drop in sexual desire and performance. To make matters worse, as our sex hormone levels decline, we experience a whole host of other unwanted conditions. We have trouble maintaining our weight, difficulty sleeping at night, decreased muscle strength, and lack of energy and fatigue. It’s no wonder that many of us become less interested in sex as we age. But your sexual health and wellness is too important to ignore.

A fulfilling sex life is good for your health and I believe you deserve to have one. Health benefits range from improved sleep, enhanced immune function, and cardiovascular health to natural pain relief and improved appearance. And, the key to restoring your sexual wellness lays in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy—for women and, yes, men. Replacing those waning male and female sex hormones can restore feelings of well-being, sex drive and sexual pleasure, energy levels, plus reverse muscle and bone loss along with other diminished functions that are associated with aging. In addition we can age more slowly and have a better quality of life into old age.

There are many methods available to restore your hormones to optimal levels; however, by far the most effective is through hormone pelleting. Pellet therapy has been in use since 1939. I have personally been administering hormone pellets since 2013 and am a happy consumer of them, as well. I think it is a travesty that more Americans are not aware of this hidden secret to optimize their health and sexuality. In addition, unlike all other HRT, pelleting renders a statistical decrease in dementia, heart disease, osteoporosis, breast, and prostate cancer.

Pelvic Floor Health

A healthy sexuality is key for anyone who wants to live his or her optimal life. And the health of your pelvic floor is intimately tied to your sexual wellness. The term pelvic floor refers to the muscles, organs, vasculature, and nerves of a respective woman or man’s pelvis. Pelvic floor health can become compromised because of age, injury, illness, pregnancy, too much exercise or not enough, even surgical interventions gone awry—and this applies to both women and men. Fortunately, a number of revolutionary and noninvasive treatments are available to treat multiple issues that impede sexual performance and desire. You just have to know where to look. At HealthWellnessMD, we offer an array of non-surgical solutions for your most intimate concerns. We perform all of these procedures in the comfort and privacy of our medical spa with little to no downtime.

Technology to Enhance Your Sexual Wellness

  • Vaginal Rejuvenation with the FemiLift

The FemiLift is for every woman. Every woman who suffers from incontinence, every woman who wants less discomfort during sex and greater sensation, every woman of every age who wants to feel rejuvenated.

This minimally invasive laser stimulates collagen production and increased blood flow to the vaginal walls. The FemiLift has the dual effect of both improving urinary leakage and increasing your sexual sensation, lubrication, and overall intimacy.

  • Male performance enhancement with GAINSWave

Many men equate a healthy sex life with their ability to have a strong and long-lasting erection. They spend billions each year on temporary male enhancement treatments such as Viagra and Cialis despite the numerous and alarming side effects. Any man who wants to take back his sexuality naturally—without risky medication—can benefit from this gentle and pain-free therapy.

The GAINSWave™system uses pulsating acoustic waves to increase blood flow to the penis resulting in a firmer, more resilient erection. Using acoustic waves increases the number of blood vessels, removes micro-plaques, and promotes soft tissue growth within the penis, so it stays firmer longer, while also increasing sensitivity. Greater blood flow means stronger erections and optimal sensation.

  • Male and Female Incontinence and Fecal Incontinence with InToneMV

7.2 million men of all ages live with the frustration of bladder or bowel leakage along with the insistent feeling of urgency. The conventional therapies typically involve prescription medications that come with a litany of disturbing side effects.

InToneMV treats the underlying causes of incontinence—weak pelvic floor muscles and an over-active detrusor muscle. InToneMV combines the non-invasive treatment approaches of electrical stimulation and biofeedback with voice-guided exercises for a patient to use in the privacy of his home. The InToneMV is a nonsurgical cure for leakage, Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH), and prostate surgery side effects.

  • Female Incontinence with InTone

At least 1 in 3 women suffer from unwanted bladder leakage. That means millions of women are living with incontinence and its disruptive symptoms: leakage while laughing, coughing, sneezing, exercising, and running. In addition, there’s the nuisance of the persistent urge to rush to the bathroom.

For women who are ready to stop leaking and start living, there’s the InTone. InTone is a medical device that treats bladder leakage using proven technologies to treat stress, urge, and mixed incontinence. Furthermore, it is designed to be used in the comfort of your home.

  • Hemorrhoids with Laser Hemorrhoidectomy

Hemorrhoids are not only uncomfortable, they can be embarrassing and interfere with your desire for sexual intimacy. With the rise in oral sexual activity, this condition can be especially awkward.

As many as 80% of American suffer from hemorrhoids and most are unaware of the simple and minimally invasive technique that we conduct right here at HealthWellnessMD. Using our CO laser, we permanently remove external hemorrhoids. This laser vaporizes the content of the hemorrhoid as well as the remaining skin sack. We routinely perform laser hemorrhoidectomy in the comfort of our medical spa.

  • Vaginal Revision with Laser Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty is the fastest-growing type of cosmetic surgery today. We offer a nonsurgical alternative for the many women who experience discomfort or limit activities, such as riding bikes or going to the beach, because of their pronounced labia. We can also help women who are embarrassed because they lack labial symmetry.

I want all women to know that you can have perfectly symmetrical labia without going under the knife. I perform laser labiaplasty at our medical spa and you go home the same day, with little downtime, no stitches, and the symmetrical appearance you have always desired. With such advances in laser technology, there is no longer any reason for you to lack confidence in the bedroom due to simple cosmetic concerns. You can feel good about your appearance and have an active and fulfilling sexual life.

Dr. Prewitt’s Last Word

As a gynecologist, I was able to help so many women. Now that my practice has taken such an interesting turn to Functional Medicine, I now get the satisfaction of helping men, women, and partners achieve optimal sexual wellness.